One Of The Best Titles PSVR Has To Offer, But It's Not Perfect

User Rating: 8 | Firewall Zero Hour PS4

Firewall Zero Hour delivers one of the most immersive, visceral VR experiences one could ever hope to find on Sony's nascent tech. But I can't reasonably give the title a 9 in the presence of some noticeable bugs and networking issues at the time of release.

The visuals and audio are some of the best PSVR has to currently offer but still has the customary VR "blur" at longer ranged distances. The controls work considerably well (I used an Aim Controller), but there has been the occasional drift. The game is load-out based, where load-outs are customized akin to Battlefield 4, albeit more limited.

Firewall's gameplay is stellar (9 out of 10) and outright addicting. Hence, Firewall has significant replay value. Map design is outstanding sharing similarity with R6 Siege's maps both in size and location style (e.g embassy, compound, hotel, ect.).

But Firewall's drawbacks are a few minor bugs, some networking and hosting issues, too much time spent in the menus between rounds and load-outs components needing some tweaking, e.g smoke grenades last only a few seconds and are nearly transparent.

Overall, Firewall is a AAA PSVR title that is a must buy for any PSVR owner and a easy PSVR seller for those on the fence.