Great Game, only held back by a bug in need of a patch

User Rating: 9 | Firewall Zero Hour PS4
Firewall Zero Hour fails to disappoint! I bought the preorder 2 hours before release and was met with delight within the first 20 minutes of playing it. It's exactly what PSVR needed! Gameplay: Gameplay is perfect, the tracking with the aim controller is spot on, and I would recommend playing with only the Aim Controller, it adds so much more to the immersion! Tactics and communication are a must and the game is unforgiving. It comes with online and offline modes but only one PvP mode. This was an intentional move by the Devs as not to fracture the player base. The weapon customization is amazing and offers detailed changes to each firearm. Every gun handles differently with different operators and plays much like R6. Graphics: The graphics are GREAT! Everything looks amazing, the textures are beautiful and no jagged edges in sight! The guns look beautiful and the level design is spot on! Sound: What's to say? It's beautiful. Every gun sounds different, you can hear footsteps from around the corners, distant weapons make a muffled pop, walking on carpet will muffle your steps. It's awesome! Mutliplayer: The 4v4 multiply is perfect, a lot of work went into this. The only issue I've experienced is the match making with friends. The servers seem to dislike you entering a public lobby with your friends and will most times leave you playing with different players. Luckily the Devs are aware and are working on a fix AND the players that I've met have all been spot on, mature, and really into the game. Conclusion: Must buy for all PSVR owners! This games is perfect in nearly every way and with one simple bug on its way to be squashed you can bet a system seller!