One of the best turn-based strategy game ever to set foot on the GBA

User Rating: 9 | Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken GBA
This is actually my second Fire Emblem game( the Sacred Stones being my first)
This game for being simple and complex at the same time rocks!(huh?!)

Its just your average turn-based strategy game(if your a jaded strategy game addict like me) but really is enjoyable because of its storyline, character development and the rock-paper-scissors combat system.

You have 3 main heroes and you also gain characters/units along the way. Those units are just your supporting characters in the story but each has its own tale to tell. It really makes them show that they're not just plain units. Makes for an immersive story.

The combat system is challenging. Its like a glorified chess game. Not only the units has its own strengths/weaknessess but also the weapon and magic.

When a character reaches 0 hp they die for good. It really brings on some challenge but can sometimes be frustrating(having to restart for the nth time).

The only bad thing that I found in this game is that its a one-way trip. So you must choose which characters to level-up. It feels as if you are force to pick your favorite/strongest units. And you can't really explore the full potential of each characters unless you play it all over again. But nevertheless, this game has a high replay value(had me playing over again).