Superb game. Period.

User Rating: 9 | Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones GBA
Although gameplay is very much the same as the previous one, this game still has got a lot to offer.

Gameplay: Excellent
The weapon and magic triangle makes this game stand-out and really shows that its not just a turn-based strategy game. There's also the new additional classes.
A character would still die and be gone for good but this only adds more challenge as well as frustation to the game. But that is what Fire Emblem is all about.

Graphics/Sounds: Good
It is in 2d and it looks cool.The new BGMs are ok. Its not that memorable compared to the previous game BGM "Companions".
That music got stuck inside my head.

Replayability: Excellent
With tons of support conversations, you'd be playing all over again just to unlock everyone of them. You'd be playing over again just to experiment with a character's class and see their true potentials. Or you'd be playing it all over again just for the sake of it.
And the options to roam the entire map and battle monsters enables you to level up low level units. Though it would make an easy game, Fire Emblem balances this out by adding two dungeons. One is fairly challenging while the other recquires not only strength but also skills.
And the arena is a bit useful around since you'll be able to level up all characters to their limits.

All in all, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones stands out among others not just about its immersive gameplay but also in its lasting factor and replayability.