Gamespot is right this time.

User Rating: 4 | Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn WII
Usually, when there is a conflict between the gamespot review and the user reviews, the user reviews are usually right.

This time gamespot was spot on.

I ordered this game online and eagerly awaited its arrival. After seeing its 8.6 review score by the users. Yay, a final fantasy tactics type game.
Pop the disk in, start up the game on. First mission...

The chick dies in one hit. Game over. W......T.......F.

Over and over again my people get 1 shot or 2 shot. I made it through to like the 5th or 6th mission before I took it back. I thought we left this kind of difficulty back where it belonged in the NES ages where they had to make games difficult to extend their life because they couldn't make them long.

I don't even know if you can get to a mission where if ANY of your people die, you don't instantly fail. Didn't get that far.

This isn't "challenge". Requiring perfection in the first stages of the game is just piss poor design. A game doesn't need to be hair pulling, controller throwing frustrating to be "good".

I wont even waste anyones time going deep into the details of the game.

ya it looks nice, ya the sound is nice but its garbage gameplay, skip it.