A very, very good game and a great sequel to its great prequel.

User Rating: 9.5 | Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn WII
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a sequel to the GameCube game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Its been 3 years since Crimea was invaded and the Daein invaders attempted to cause a continental war which would release a dark god and morph the world. Daein's king Ashnard though was killed by a young hero named ike and his friends at Crimea castle, with Daein in strife after the exhausting war and without a permanent ruler, Daein was taken in by the empire of Begnion who is seperated by a serene empress and a corrupted betraying senate.
You start the game leading a small group of Daein rebels known as the Dawn Brigade who are trying to shake the suffocating hand that Begnion leads them with, the further you get into the game the more deep complex and broad the plot gets, starting off from trying to free a country you strive with Ike to stop the continent from being turned to stone.

To be frank the gameplay really hasn't changed at all but all Beorc now have an extra class and Laguz are now restricted to 40 levels not 20 along with Bronze Weapons and an added greatmace and bowgun factor, though overall the game is the same its always been.
Although many critics marked it down for a 'high difficulty level' the 3 levels of difficulty which i found not to be that hard at all but the stats of the enemy's have escalated that make throwing units out in the open almost instant death. So if you find easy seriously difficult then this game isn't really for you.

I think you should play the prequel first, although the game briefly fills you in on what happened you are left with very patchy information of what happened before there though is also a feature where you can import data from the GameCube game.

I think the GBA feature of battling should have been introduced and a advance wars style map maker would make for a fun multiplayer. Though this game is an awesome strategy title and should by all means be picked up by anyone roaring for a challenge and strategy lovers.