Ifyour a GBA Fire Emblem fan pick this one up. I loved the gameplay, hard core stradgedy. Best FE game so far.

User Rating: 9 | Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki GC
I loved this game, it felt just like playing a GBA Fire Emblem game on a bigger screen. The controls are tight and work well to maximize gameplay. It is a good length game and you will be sucked into the story and become attached to each one of your team members. The writing is a little cheesey at times but they can be skipped over. If you've ever played a Fire Emblem game then this game should be a fairley easy experience even on normal. The graphics are some of the best on te Gamecube and although few and far between the CGI scenes are nicely polished and I wish there were more of these. This game does have its flaws, for one they really didn't do much to revelutionize the series, although it is still the best game so far of the series they could have done more. Another flaw is there is alot of reading, ALOT. That is where the CGI cut scenes would have been appreciated. Although some players of the game would say you have party members that are expendable I would say no, you can absolutly finish the game without taking any losses. Enjoy this game and revel in its awesomness.