Best in the Fire Emblem series in my opinion. A little difficult to get all the guys and items, but its worth playing!

User Rating: 9 | Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki GC
-Good graphics for its time
-Easy, smooth game-play.
-Intense story line.
-tons of Characters.
-customizable weapons.
-good battle scenes.
-good voice acting
-great units.

-you only end up using a select few characters and making them powerful.
-To get items and new people you have to dodge around enemies and not kill them.
-Difficulty can be frustrating.
-Totally Unexpected Crits can not give weak units the chance for the last hit.
-Confusing if you just started after you played the hand-held FE games.

Fire emblem is just a good, fulfilling game that gives the player a chance to have hard fun while still having intense strategy. It is cheep cheep cheep and if you get it, it will be worth a lot more than you paid for it. :P Anyway, The story is about a mercenary named Ike who has to help a princess when the nation falls to the forces of evil, Prejudiced Dain. So its the usual, fire emblem plot. Well Ike's dad (the head of the mercenary) gets killed by his old apprentice (no I'm not giving it away, it was pretty obvious from the beginning).
Ike travels to distant lands to seek refuge and strike back at Dain. So thats the story.

The graphics are well made, and the player models are very eye pleasing unless you're on a 32"+ TV. The game controls are smooth and just like the hand-held. There is a new class system which can be confusing at first. DO NOT USE THE MASTER SEAL BEFORE LEVEL 15. The story line is VERY well made like all the fire emblem (damn those Japanese are good ;P). There are many characters, so if you are having trouble leveling someone up, you can find the leveled up class later in the game. What I LOVE about it is it's weapon forging system. You can forge weapons that are unique and extremely powerful in order to defeat bosses. Sure they cost more, but you get plenty of money in the game unless you go crazy maxing everything out every time your at base. The battle scenes are very well thought out and animated.
The downside is you only end up using a few units and making them powerful (usually paladins because they are far superior to everything except the general). The difficulty can sometimes be frustrating. On top of that, the CRITS. are very unpredictable. If you want to get a boss very weak to kill him with a weaker unit you want to level up, you end up getting a CRIT.

Overall though, this game is very well made and even people who only play real-time strategy will find themselves sucked into its vortex of fun.