Question regarding seals

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I am new to the Fire Emblem series and am a little confused by what I have read about seals. I am not nearly far enough into the game to have any seals or need to use them but I want to be prepared. It seems that seals are quite rare/expensive so I don't want to waste any. So my question is, when changing from tier 1 to 2 or between tiers will it cost a seal every single time? Or do classes become available to switch between for free once you have used a seal to access them once? For example if I move a level 20 tactician to grandmaster then to a tier 1 class, will it cost another master seal to become a grandmaster again?

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In previous games you could promote to a tier 2 or tier 3 class whithout using any seals by leveling up at level 20. In this game however it is not possible. You WILL use a master seal sooner or later, even if you had that class before. If you don't care about grinding for stats then you should use one at level 10. The only thing you should pay attention to if you want to save seals is the fact that tier 2 classes can reclass to tier 2 classes with a second seal after reaching level 10. This could save you a few master seals. Aside from that though I don't think there is anything you can do to save seals.