Demo progress transferrable..?

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i was just wondering if i was to download the demo today, would i be able to transfer that progress to the actual game when i get it on the 4th of february? if so, then ill definitely download it today. but if not, then ill hold off and just play the whole thing when it gets released. im not too keen on replaying everything the demo has to offer when i purchase the hard copy. i havent been able to find any information on this particular thing, so thats why i finally decided to ask. hopefully someone figures it out sooner rather than later. :P

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From what I can tell, it's not transferrable. I played the demo today and it has 30 trys (doesn't save if you quit eariy) and as soon as it gets to the end, it goes right back to the beginning. Plus it won't let you customize the character in the beginning. So I'm guessing it doesn't save your progress.

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yeah, unfortunately i came to that same conclusion. but thats okay, the fact that the demo is only for the first couple maps makes it okay to replay when the game actually comes out. so thats good in my book. oh, and thanks for responding to my two posts halfmask, i didnt think anyone was gonna respond. so thanks for the responses. :D