Blushing? Wot

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Okay, this is a minor thing I've noticed, and by minor I mean there's really no point gameplay wise unless this actually affects the character. You know that portait zoom you can do to better check a unit's stats and model? Do it to a lone unit or even a paired unit, and they appear as they normally do. However, do it on a married pair, and they're blushing. I was just curious why they were, considering I had never seen it before. After I noticed both my Avatar and Tharja (who can say no to that body? Obviously not my character seeing he has two kids), I decided to check Chrom and Sumia. Same thing.

I assume they only do this if they're paired with their spouse. It's not a big deal, it's just something I felt like pointing out because I never noticed it before. Kinda made me thought something had happened to them, like some sort of status ailment or something.