This game is the staple of all Fantasy games. It was a game ahead of its time and will forever remain a diety in gaming

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy NES
I started playing it when I was a wee little lad and have somewhat followed the series, but I always come back to the original king. Without Final Fantasy we wouldn't have any of the RPG's that we have now, and the ones there were, jocks like me wouln't even know about. But since it has been made everybody can play an RPG without being shunned. In fact in many "Prep" Circles RPGs are now "Cool". And It's all thanks to this game. The story is what all cliche's have been modeled off of. The graphics and sound are a little dated for today's young gamer, but for the time they were top notch. A must have for any collector and a must play for everybody.