User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy NES
Wow talk about a throw back to way back in the day man. I remember playing this one as a kid. talk about a good time and many hours of true rpging. This was the start of it all people. Now kiddies I know your probably like whatever but this is what we adults use to play. To tell the truth I still play it from time to time. This was one of the first games that offered true rpg gaming with an innovative story line that was extremely interesting and fun.

This one offered a lot people and you couldnt look at games the same after this one. This is what rpgs were based off of when it came to video games. It took you into a world that was beautiful and rich with excitement and the start of endless battles every five seconds. What was great it offered some puzzle solving to such as having to retreive this item to do this that will react with etc. you get the point.

You cant look to the future without knowing where we came from and this one is like putting on a throw back jersey and chilling on the beach sipping on a nice corona. You need to play this one people.