Bad weapons and so so battle system.

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition PC

Firstly, I'm proud to say that I played through ALL parts of this well known series from FFI to this latest FFXV on various platforms (PS, PC, Mobiles, etc).

I just went through the storyline of this game in total 22 hours (equal 1/5 what it used to and NEEDED to) and unlike what i've done with earlier FFs, I'm not gonna replay the game and uninstall it to save some space for better RPGs.


- Good graphic (of course and has to be due to all that developing time)

- Cool looking characters

- Friendship over Love (plus point)


- Boring storyline

- Ultimately boring side quests

- Weapons upgrades are clueless and the "weapon type related to enemy type" add-on is somewhat useless.

- Battle system is a mess. Took long enough to reckon from others but seems like they did not learn anything good. (listen Squared Enix, it wont be a shame to adapt what CD Projekt RED did to the legendary The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.)


Just Look, don't Play.