Final Fantasy XV is much better than they speak.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XV PS4

Final Fantasy XV surprised me a lot, I was never a fan of the Final Fantasy saga, but I was interested in this new one, and I surprised myself, the game made me want to play the other Final Fantasy, well the story is a bit confusing, The storyline has become more meaningful in some moments, the story of the game is up to good, even with problems, one of the greatest virtues of the game is the interplay of the characters, Noctiis, Prompton, Ignis and Glaudios, they conversion, And it's really cool, each character has its own specialties, the graphics are amazing, it's a very beautiful game, especially in the places in the forest, and you see the details of the game, the soundtrack is great, and there are some moments that she It's very epic, the gameplay system has changed a lot related to the other Final Fantasy, now the game is no longer RPG of Shifts, many liked it, others hated this change, but I found it worked, the game villain is interesting, Forgetting, the battles are long, some are very tiring, I found the battle of Chapter 9 very massive, the last boss of the game is not so difficult, the game has invocations, and they are very well made, we also have some other characters , Cindy, Lunafreya, Regis, Dave, Gentiana and etc, some are cool, others are forgettable too, and the game is open world, but it is a negative point, you do not feel totally free in the game, the car is limited, You can go automatic, or go Manual, more in the manual is much zado, the direction is little locked, and you can not do practically in it, just to turn, and has many low places, that the Noctis simply does not jump and that is very bizarre , And Chapter 13 of the game is a boring disaster, almost managed to ruin much of the game, in addition to having a totally different climate, it is annoying, and you stay more than 1 hour in a hallway with some enemies and this tires a lot , Plus Final Fantasy XV is one of the best games of last year, it's worth it. Note 86