FF15 is a superb action/rpg with alot of depth.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy XV (Day One Edition) PS4

When I first played FF15 I put the controller down and told myself the FF series has really come to an end. Now in 2019, I picked up the controller again and gave it a second chance. What I discovered was that my first opinion was very, very wrong. All FF15 needs is time, if you give it that, it will bloom into something amazing. The game starts off slow with a huge open world that seems bland at first and 4 kids driving around in a car telling jokes, if you can get past this part and put a few hours into the fighting and give the story time to mature, FF15 will not disappoint. You control 1 main character in battles with 3 of your characters being controlled by AI but it's actually really fun. You string together combos, deal special attacks, use magic and unlock or buy tons of unique weapons for you and your allies. The AI never really leaves your characters to die often so you're not left tending to their every need.. nope.. just yours!! There are tons of side missions and secrets to explore and find along the way. The open world is truly open in this FF15 game, letting you drive or ride your Chocobo wherever you want too! I currently have 50 hours into this game and I'm just about to finish the main game and go back and start up the post game content. This game is action-packed from beginning to end and I thought it was MUCH, MUCH better than FF13. This game is like a SUPER FF12.