true friendship

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy XV PS4
This is the second Final Fantasy I've played. First is the one in PS1 that I didn't finish nor even got in the middle of story, forgot its FF# then this one. I was told that FF XIII & XIV is bad so I didn't mind playing it on PS3. As a gamer who barely have friends nearby, I felt having my own loyal childhood and now teenage friends playing this game. From battling all together, camping, eating together, taking photos together to having road trips with cool car music together. The combat style is also the one I liked. I didn't get interested to FF before since my first impression to these games are "Turn Based Combats" but this one is not, you can even do cooperative combos with your 3 friends. Yep, didn't mind the story since I'm not even in the 5% of the story yet.. but I really enjoyed the companion of friends even though I know they're just Ai (computer programmed)