FF15 -the best among all of them!!!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XV (Day One Edition) PS4

Hi there, if you are reading this, thats mean you are also interested with this game. Let me tell you straight, i never had this kind of feeling since playing final fantasy series long time ago, each title bring different stories, yeah i admitted the last feel good and romance will be the ffVII, at least for me. Maybe a lot of you think the FF8 having the most,some maybe FF10. But lets skip that. i bought this day one edition (preorder) and excitedly playing it through for the past 5 months, crazy i took so long to end this! because i like the way this game being built, and i am really feel i dont want to end this excitement too fast(talking about how you experience the battle system and the quest and story line).and 1 month ago i finally reach the chapter 13(as per say on my save file title and the red quest is *Cure for Insomnia* ) with 68hrs of game play and i only at level 48!!! what the hell man!, sigh.. i got to face the pre boss battle with all the might i had, super crazy, but yeah, i step back and think of levelling. this FF15 is really cool though, Use the magic wisely and eat healthy food, and you are invincible(level up as much as i can from there). Seriously Gil is 1 problem and gaining experience is another problem. After doing this and that, yeah i got a trick finally.

I think many of us already know how to get instant level by manipulating the time travelling and the food and the magic thing, so yeah, i levelled up from level 48 to level 97 for the next 9 hrs with 350000 gil on hand, that is nice..not much but okay. and i really dont have to use potions and those stuffs anymore for the boss fight, yeah!! noctis and his friends had enough strength to beat the boss, final boss though, noctis alone fighting him.

Spoiler alert * noctis got married in the end..LOL and your title screen changed!!!

PRO: All good for me

CON: you cant control Noctis friends