User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy XV (Digital Premium Edition) PS4

Despite the advertising, this is a Final Fantasy for firt-timers maybe, but definetly not for fans.

The scenario and graphics are beautiful and it's hard to argue with that. But the story is really shallow and the combat system most of the time way too simple and at other times confusing, specially with the weird camera angles.

The game tries to compensate mistakes from FFXIII and give us a wide open-world at the begining, but then it decides to take a linear path for the second half which just setences the player for some long boring sequences (yes, chapter 13, i'm mentioning you!)

It just looks like a half-made game, which is proved by the amount of huge updates square already released and the plenty of dlcs scheduled.

It's decent, it's playable, just don't rush to get it. ANd it definetly doesn't live up to the name it carries