Great Adventure But We missed the old final fantasy (V II,, X,,,XII)

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy XV (Digital Premium Edition) PS4

i wonder why would you ruin a history of a great game. and remove major features in the Final Fantasy series…

1_ removing the Magic System and replace it by A FLASKK..!!!!! COme on why u remove the old magics like fire , meteor , water , ultima and many others..and u make such silly way to fill flask . from certain spots near a camp every time time u need to refill ? what is this and what is the reason that makes u removee the cool magic system and replace it by flask like a bomb ITS NOT METAL GEAR plz..

2_SUMMONs another major damage in the game… i wonder why don't you look back to final fantasy 10 and see how games should be created, look at the summons (aeons)

3_leveling up characters. fast level ups which is actually annoying

4_ only one character to control : some funny teamwork but actually the old style is much better

5_ gameplay and fighting style: funny for some people but actually its messy.. a huge variety of greatly designed weapons that we actually CANT SEE in the fight because weapons disappear ..whyyy …why we can't see the equipped weapon on the backs of the hunters woundnt that be much better than creating nice weapon and we actually don't see them clearly in the fights

6_ FISHING , PHOTO …..and players skills : they seem fine to all. but i think concentrating on magic and other classic features would have been much better to care about , because seeing a flying meteor hitting the enemies is much more fun than having a fish or photo taking randomly by Promto huh

7_ The ascension or whatever it is named.. not logic not accurate a sphere system as in final fantasy X or a system in final fantasy 12 is more accurate and more creative.

AT last Final fantasy 15 is great in many ways but removing these major features have damaged the rating of the game .. we all like to have a final fantasy like FFX and FF VII and FF Xii in greet graphics, why Don't you borrow ideas its your game and your history so i don't think it wrong that we see MATERIA system IN an new Final fantasy and with the cool graphics Like in Final Fantasy 15.. but what have been made in FF 15 is Disaappointing Concering magic and summon and gameplay...