Am I the only one disappointed?

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Yes the game has some classic elements of Final Fantasy that I recognise and it makes me feel happy playing the series again but for the most part, it seems as though people brush a lot of stuff under the carpet because it's Final Fantasy.

Anyway - can anyone help me with some stuff I'm struggling with?

- I'm in a fight and Noctis is low on health. I don't want it to be 'game over' so I open up my items, select a recovery item, try to use it but all character names are in grey, despite all of them having lost health...I'm fighting in tunnels so I can't warp point...I dodge a couple of times but am then killed by a little goblin. Ridiculous --- (forget this one - I figured it out...)

- I hate the combat system, despite being repeatedly told by reviews it's fantastic. It all feels too 'hack n slash', especially in cramped environments. I appreciate the "wait mode" tried to reach back to the strategic combat system of previous games but it's just not enough for me :(

- I remember the old FF games where there were many things that kept me excited as I increased through the levels - especially the sphere grid (e.g. FFX). I could see a certain power/ability that I wanted and looked forward to it. The Ascension Grid in this game is shit. Simple as that. Shit. I like magic so went there first. "Absorb more energy from deposits"... next... "absorb a bit more.." ... next.. "absorb a bit more than the last one" ... ?? Lazy. Nothing exciting in terms of Magic. And I agree with a review I watched a week or so ago. There is no magic, just grenades. I don't want grenades, I want magic. I want the freedom to make my main character a wizard. Oh well.

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@deactivated-5849e19d1deb2: I am not happy with the game, either. I prefer real-time combat, though. This is just poorly executed combat.

They gave the player and all of the enemies fast and fluid attacks. The difference is that nearly every time you get hit you are stunned if not knocked completely off of your feet. Every time you hit an enemy they don't even react to the hit. That makes you feel weak and wimpy. None of your attacks are satisfying. Even when you warp-strike to an enemy they don't get stunned for more than a fraction of a second. Since you aren't invincible when you attack and your attacks basically have no effect (except for reducing their health bar) you are better off simply holding the block button. There is no reason to attack if your attacks aren't going to slow the enemies down. So you wait with the block button held down until an enemy uses an attack that can be countered. This isn't exciting either because you were already holding the block button down. No reaction speed required. Then you press the attack button once to deal a respectable amount of counter damage and then resume holding the block button. You don't want to attack because you will simply get knocked off your feet in exchange for dealing normal damage to the enemy. Then you rinse and repeat until the battle ends.

Every single fight is like this. If there are a small number of enemies in a wide enough area you can play around with evading and attacking. But, for the most part you are going to be holding block and waiting for a counter.

Then I fought Coeurl. I died several times to them because they have attacks that hit through blocking which would be fine if rolling was viable. Rolling is not viable because there are several of them and the other ones simply hit you during your roll-recovery frames. They have an instant kill counter if you hit them while they are healing (cheap). Your allies are too stupid to not strike them when they are healing. So, count on them killing themselves. I did beat them, though. I beat them because I paid for food that gave me 90% lighting/fire/ice resistance. Then I mixed quintcast fire-ice magick, stood on a rock and then threw these magick-grenades at them until there was only one left. If I didn't have a rock to stand on and cheap grenades that do entirely too much damage I probably wouldn't have been able to beat them. That isn't fun. That is very lame. I would love for someone to point me to a video of someone beating several coeurl at once without using cheap tactics. But, I don't see that. All I see is a cluster of disorganized football fondling. Players don't even bother not getting hit. They just spam phoenix downs and hi potions and hack and slash until all of the enemies are dead. That is really boring gameplay.

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my feelings for final fantasy xv is mixed, i sometime like playing it, sometime don't.