Final Fantasy Xiv one year later review in three different point of view.

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy XIV Online PC
Final Fantasy Xiv one year later review in three different point of view.After talking about the upcoming changes to ffxiv to a friend is responce made me realise something that i viewed the game differently then he did. I saw it as a growing game and endless possibilitys from the ff world and he saw it as a failed and rushed game that wasn't worth giving out more time too or play right now while so many other games got it right on launch and are actually fun to play.After that it made me think i should review the game from my previous point of view one year later but as three different opinions Pay to play and retail version , Free to Play and lastly review it as a hopeless ff fan that i am. ( and by previous review i am stating my FFXIV is underapreciated blog i previously published a bit ago )


Final Fantasy Xiv as a P2P and retail version doesn't give you alot of bang for your buck and it is even worse for those who pre ordered the collector's edition ,the items that came with that and the overall game didn't live to what was said and proposed. Underwhelingly performing in all aspects, promising to be casual yet still have a core for the hardcore where everyone can find something in the game or a common ground might be the biggest flaw of ffxiv.One year later to those who purchased the game and played from beta the game as add alot of different stages and evoluated from best to worst or worst to best depending on your opinion or playstyle.The game is nowhere near acceptable as a pay to play mmo and retail version as that we were given in that one year was quick fixes to try and salvage what a disasterfull first year of existance for a potential overhyped mmo.With no real sense of directions or real concrete info for its players about what direction its heading,while promising this and that every patch and letter and under performing each time how long can this mmo survive its on faillure of a launch and first year of existance?While many were stoked and overhyped when first receiving the game many of those have quited , moved on and never looked back at eorzia or what it can become.Who can blame them after putting out money and maybe even buying a new computer just to play the game and be offered a broken and unfinished and unpolished product is unacceptable. This is why i am offering FFXIV the dissapointing note of 4 out 10 all talk and no bark in a fizzled out game that just attracted many of its players by the ff brand and name it did nothing to keep them or entertain them in its first year of existance.


Final Fantasy XIV as a F2P is ambitious by trying to break the mold, it is still trying to find its true existence and concept and niche players but with promising updates ahead and ps3 release sometime in the short or distant future the game can't help but grow.New jobs,chocobos on the horizon yes i said chocobos ! ! ! Compagnys and more Grand compagnys quest and adventure. The future is looking bright those who haven't given up or are trying to get ready for the changes and finished product ffxiv will be.With major overhauls to every aspect of the game to leaves,gathering,questing and levelling even a faulty and rocky start can't stop ffxiv if it manages to keep its momemtum and move forward after a change of directions and game directors the only thing certain on how the final product of ffxiv will be is that it can't get worse then it was on launch and a part of its first year of existence. I am given FFXIV a note of 6 out 10 while it is nowhere near perfect and the game is finding its way and its self , the new directions and game directors seem to have a good idea on how to putt this derailed train back on its track and make it a succesfull run and a long one.

Final Fantasy Fan and Personal Review:

Having been playing final fantasy xiv since closed beta 2 and pre ordering collectors edition and playing it from day 1 i have mixed reviews of the game.While the game changed alot in its first year of existance on launch the lack of mobs ,fatigue and broken sp system made it a weird experience.Then came along the leave and link system where you just abandoned" Money leaves " and did them over and over.Then came the news of a new game directors and a new approach to the game, While everyone was pleased by the hiring of yoshi-p and is associates many felt we would get a real game and actual content not having to play the same thing over over from that new hireing.Then came a few quick patches that quieted some of the masses a few minor and major overhauls in the process.Then came the sad event of the tsunami of japan, it was nice to see that the ffxiv community and its players was behind all of japan its players and game producers.While they recovered and managed to salvage what they could ffxiv was shut down for a few weeks to conserve there electricity and power for essential need for its survivors and refugees.When the game got back up a few weeks later it was nice to see the outpouring support for japan that everyone genuinelly felt it was a great thing and one that i won't soon forget.(i debated wether or not to put this on my review but i decided to putt it in to honor the resolves of those who worked on ffxiv during that crisis and disaster kudos to them i can't say i woulda add the heart to do what they did after what happened but they kept of marching ).Then a few changes later and a major overhaul to the leave system and instanced dungeons and the abolition of fatigue.This quite a journey for only a year of existance of a game and mmo alot of changes and a new and different directions shaped up to what ffxiv was for its first year of existance.While many hardships were overturned ( Poor launch, no game direction and content and chocobos !) everything seems to be on the to-do list of this new team and there new direction, If even a bad launch and a new game direction to what seemed every few months didn't kill it it can only make it strounger.It finally seems as if ffxiv as found its footing and is ready to deliver to what it can truelly be and finally be a real mmo that many of the ff,ffxi and mmo players were ultimatlly seeking. my review of ffxiv as it stand its 7 out 10 and im sure that note will keep on rising as months pass and our fellow ps3 players join us in the fold in eorzia, heres to ffxiv keep on trucking my friend even with all the faux-pas , disasters and shooting yourself in the foot you still have a loyal following of ffxiv fans and diehards don't dissapoint us and keep polishing this gem and keeping your momemtum and turn this game into an unforgetable one rather then a forgetable one.

These are my three different point of views from different perspectifs.I hope you enjoyed the read if you managed to read it all ( Sorry for the typing errors but as a non-english born speaker i did my best to correct as many errors as i could~! )

On a closing note i would love to hear what keeps you or keeps you from playing final fantasy xiv ? And what are your opinions of year 1 for ffxiv.

While i may only be playing doing the so called daylies now (crafting, and doing gathering leaves) until they fix or add new ways to level or something different.I am hopefull for new content and i belive that the new jobs system will either make me continue to play or stop, it is hard to decide when you spended so much effort levelling and you dont even know what your final class is ganna be or no info about them i find it hard to continue and not worth the effort currently.