Good concept, extremely bad design

User Rating: 1 | Final Fantasy XIV Online PC
Only good thing about this game is the classless design, but the game is let down by to many disappointments.

Originally I bought this game upon release, Collectors Edition and all that, played around with it for a while, then they realised that they screwed up and the game was then pretty much free. Until Jan this year, before the V2 update took effect. So I then had to reactivate my account to see whether they improved that game at all.

Even after their V2 update this game still is still majorly flawed by bad design, user interface is laggy, combat is slow, no tradiitonal quests leave you wondering what to do, no recipe list has you looking at websites instead of playing the game, interface itself is designed for console, but after over 18 months of official release has not been fixed for pc, crafting is extremely random, having to pay for more that one character slot is disappointing, overall this game is a flop and I'll tell anyone I meet to stay away from it.

This from a massive FF fan.

SquareEnix realy need to re-evaluate the way they are playing the online game.