Not a fit for instant gratification personalities - update

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy XIV Online PC
After many MMOs played, this was one of three I most strongly hoped would come about - my others would be by Bethesda with a Morrowind theme and another ground-breaking joystick friendly space sim by the NetDevil crew. This FF release does not currently meet my expectations, but I can see the promise of a great game if certain issues are dealt with.

The Bad:
Many reviewers specifically mention the economy, or lack thereof. The market ward system is unique but utterly doomed. There is no argument here that the AH, or something similar, MUST be introduced eventually or the game will be nearly unplayable due to fighters' and crafters' frustration. **update: This was fixed some time ago and the market wards are the new AH.** Levequest limits on both number in queue (8 regional, 8 local) and time to reset (36 hours) seems unnecessary. Allow us to play at our own pace! **update: Update on the horizon to increase the number of leves a player can hold and lower the cycle time.**

The Good:
Graphics are spectacular and the world is expansive! Crafting, mining, logging, etc are so much more interactive than in any other game I've played. I'm thrilled they took the FFXI system and tweaked it in all the right places. This is not the WOW crafting system (thank god), and you actually have to put in a bit of effort to make something of yourself in a specialty job. Levequests are a great addition and especially helpful for solo or small party playing (maximum number and time reset aside). Transport feature is fantastic: No more struggling to find a higher level player to assist with a warp and at a low level you can make killer money warping others who do not want to use their anima. The learning curve is extreme - if you don't enjoy a challenge and you get annoyed at games you can't figure out top to bottom in a short time you shouldn't be playing... **update: Not all of the LS are populated with snobs, but it is hard for new players to get much support, which is a shame.**

The release of FFXIV seems premature, sadly, and it feels like I'm playing beta instead of gold. Fortunately, they seem to be closing in on the prize. With the addition of auction houses in the major cities, changed limits on levequests, as well as improved skill & experience points in battle outside of levequests, my rating would move to the 9-10 range. While I can only stand the typical teenage-groupie-spoon-fed world of other MMOs for a couple months, I can give SE some time to address the problems and show me a game worth a couple years of my subscription time. **update: Time is approaching for GS and others to re-review as this game has been getting a major face lift over the last few months.**