User Rating: 1 | Final Fantasy XIV Online PC
I started with very high expectation of this game, and ordered two copies of the collector's edition, one for myself and another one for my girlfriend. We spent 2 hours just to open the accounts and download the patch on a 100Mbps connection. Just when I was lightly encouraged by the handsome character creation graphics, the game went downhill as soon as the gameplay started. The horrible interface, uninspired missions, non-existent main story progression, and the intolerable lag made this an embarrassment of the Final Fantasy series.

I gave the game a final benefit of doubt, and searched online for newbie guides, which I hoped would ease me into this highly anticipated world of Eorzea. I even messed around with Motioninjoy (had to disable driver signature and all that trouble just to get it to work on my 64bit system) to get my PS3 controller to work on FFXIV in the hope that it might improve the absurd navigation. The controller did make at least the camera control slightly more sensible, but was far from overcoming the multitude of fatal flaws.

Ultimately, I decided to save myself the torture and closed my Square Enix account.