Like a "Hot Girl" you want to Date

User Rating: 2 | Final Fantasy XIV Online PC
Unlike most MMOs the visual is stunning and the combat system is a fun turn base system. However if you want fast pace action this won't get your adrenaline going but will still keep you on the edge of your seat. The option to change weapons and be proficient in it for different situation is the upside to changing weapons in Diablo 2 for example Amazons.

The downside is the system requirements are ridiculous and even with a top of the line computer there is a lot of server lag. Until SE puts more funding to upgrade their servers this will always be flawed even with a $4,000 computer running it. But this won't happen till they exit the beta stage. Although you can buy the game now it is still a running beta with the option to keep your progress for computer users. Just think of the problems you'll get transferring this to PS3 when the specs of the PS3 can't match the specs of a top of the line computer.

If you hated FFXI for the traveling time and long hours of work then you'll hate this. But if you like starring at a beautiful sunset everyday then you'll get just that when you play. Get the game now if you want an edge on everyone else otherwise save your money till they make this game worth playing or just wait till a better MMO comes out. The main reason WoW was so popular was because of the storyline for fans, the face pace environment of PvP and the easy to play and accomplish objectives. FFXIV is not a game with these features. So WoW players moving to this game is a bad choice. You're better off trying Aion if you need something new.