What a waste of bandwidth

User Rating: 2 | Final Fantasy XIV Online (Collector's Edition) PC

My bandwidth is limited, so I try to buy physical copies of games. This is one of them. After the disc loaded, guess what? Still a 3.5Gb download.

- Character creation is nice.

- Cutscenes are painfully long

- Controls are garbage. Somehow, I got stuck in some "autochat" so I could not move. Every press of W, A, S, or D started a chat string. What a nice feature.

- Did I mention Cutscenes? Even quest giver get in some interactive almost-cutscene. But they speak in grunts and growls while a Nintendo Gameboy style chatbox pops up. Click for a couple of minutes to finally end this misery.

I bought this because not many MMO games give my dual SLI 760s a workout. This does. Rich graphics, beautiful models, effects. But this isn't a MMO. It is an interactive movie with subtitles.

Gameplay? Most cash shop Korean games are much better.

Wasted 30 USD on this. Have no intention of wasting a 15 USD monthly subscription fee. Most likely will uninstall long before the initial 30 days are up [as in immediately after writing this review].