A must try game. Has everything I want as a gamer.

User Rating: 1 | Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn PC
I originally started playing FFXIV when the original came out. It wasn't until the updates came (when preparing for 2.0) that the game started to show potential. Since then, the game has taken a turn for the better (in my opinion). I was a hardcore WOW fan, and I never thought of really trying/playing anything else. This game takes so many elements from current MMO's, and that's a refreshing thing to see. A lot of people like me are used to their favorite way of playing, and favorite way of doing things. While other may be disappointing that FFXIV:ARR took ideas from other MMO's, for me it makes the game comfortable. To top it off, the story line is fantastic, and feels more personal than most. I, for one, do not tend to read quests. I usually enjoy the grind, or the thrill of being the best. This game actually makes me read, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Graphics are great...story is great...and it is a nice change from what this game used to be.

Sure the server situation utterly sucks at times, but have to give Square Enix a chance to update their stuff and show the public that they really can deliver.

This game should satisfy multiple pallets, and I don't see why others shouldn't give it a try. I personally have convinced at least 5-10 other people (Both experienced players, and newbies) and all have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep it up Square, you're going down the right road this time!