When does the free first-30 days starts counting???

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Hey I bought the PC Digital Version of the game yesterday night through the Square Enix Store.

I downloaded the FFXIVARR installer and initiated the log-in part - BUT HAVE NOT INSERTED THE REGISTRATION CODE.

Does the first free 30 days period started the moment I paid for the game? or the moment I put the registratioin code in? or when I first launch the actual game?

I discovered I have to be away for about a week plus. Therefore I don't want to get those days wasted.

So again: I didn't put any code in, should I wait for after I am back, or does it even matter?? Anyway to check the countdown?

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The 30 days starts from the time you enter the registration code in to your account. Until then, it is essentially sitting on a store shelf. Feel free to take off as much time as you want.