Veteran Wow Player (8 yrs) FFXIV ARR impressions

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Veteran wow player and have passed on so many mmo's before finally saying to heck with it and plopped down 30 bucks for this game.

Here are my feelings towards the game.

1. Downloaded the game got emailed a key and link to actually downloading the client. The client uses Internet explorer browser by default for some reason I use google chrome. This caused me some hassle like the installer hanging after I input code. not a problem though had to sign up for all of square enix crap and finally was able to log into the launcher with username password.


2. Played around with the character creation screen for nearly 2 1/2 hours checking out all kinds of nifty combinations of male / female races classes looks. Settled on the lalafell dunesfolk male (gnomish looking) and decided to Roll on North American Server Goblin ( I live in Vallejo California). 


3. Very first thing I did was re-arrange the User interface and rebind my hotbars. This was a very easy process and headache free.

Cntrl + Home is your friend when resizing boxes. Anything I had trouble with moving I googled such as moving chat box (just grab it from you main screen and drag it lol) and found answers. 


4. This game has so many similiarities to wow and that is praising it as far as fluidity. The graphics though are on a whole other dimension. This game is like taking wow ease of gameplay and mixing it with Eye Candy Deluxe and Sounds (play in 5.1 surround!) and dude you are Immersed. 


5. It has been so fun thus far spending around 30 hours with the game I will be at least subbing for a 6 month pass.


6. Btw I'm a 40 year old man that grew up on videogames this one is a pleasure and is well worth your 29.99 with 1 free month of play time. I can see myself not having any buyers remorse whatsoever spending the 13 bucks an month for a little while.



7. The game is in it's teething stages but once you get you account setup logging in and out is no problems. Servers are packed with people running around so you will immediately see a ton of variety in character creations. Of course the names people pick to name their toons is a chuckle fest. One that had me lol'n out loud was a Black complexion female named Beyonce Knowles anoter was Tyrone Biggums with crusty white lips and all.


8. I had some hesitations about buying this game because wow turned me into an addict and it was a hard habit to break.

This game brings back those feelings as I write this i've come off playing FFXIV ARR 9 hours straight no breaks and I finally feel as though the game is now getting started (Lvl 14)

9. Level cap is 50 I can see it taking at least 4-5 weeks of playing at least 4 hours everyday. Reading the president of Square Enix who is an avid MMO player letter to the fanbase is what sold me finally to buy this game.


10. PC version -Conjurer going for White Mage just dinged 14 Server: North American (NA) Goblin  need a healer hit me up name is "Ping Pong"



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Wanted to add If you really want to get a nice sneak peak at the game in action and you are on the fence about playing it ... might I suggest going to twitch tv and watching a live stream of the game in action. Although this hardly does it justice becuase when you are behind the controls of the game it just has a totally different feeling and look then when watching someone else play it but any how you will see the mechanics and flow of it and if you are still not able to pull the trigger then take it from a guy who hates having buyers remorse than anything in this world you wont have those feelings... that is if you can get online and actually play for those having these issues my heart goes out to you! Hang in there the game is worth it!
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Glad that you enjoy it. Im also a MMO veteran starting out with wow and trying out most of the mmos released since then.

I have to agree that this game has something special that the other mmos I tried before lack. I cant really put a finger on what it exactly is. The graphics and audio is steallar for an mmo, the FF world feels charming (not a FF fan myself but I enjoied 7, 10 and Crysis Core).

I love the idea that one character can become any class since I hated making alts in other MMOs (liked to focus on 1 character only for the long lasting goals as pvp rank, professions, reputation etc).

Im only lvl 20 so far with my Marauder and I just have scrached the surface but I got that feeling that this game will be holding me occupied till the next big MMO release (Wildstar & TES online).

The only downside is that the combat feels a bit slow at the moment but I have hopes it will get better the more developed my future character will get. Im planning to do Warrior (Marauder/Gladiator) with a splash of lancer cross class skills.

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Helpful review, thanks!  I have the game now, and no regrets.  Love the old-school MMO RPG feeling.  Best thing since Vanilla WoW for me, or EverQuest in its early days.  And the quality just shines.  Shame they're having another tough launch - with this one they got it right.

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11. You can't play. Ok, now it's complete.
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First off its nothing like wow if anyone thinks that then they are stupid (no offense), but I just think you haven't gotten far enough in the game yet lol. And I hear people say its similar to wow because it has dungeons or mounts and even people say because of the action bars (lul ik retards) but there is one big difference between wow and ffxiv is that this game takes skill (for hardcore stuff and even some leveling stuff). Now saying that, the crafting system is different, the class system is different, the combat is different, the party system is different, the burst system is different (limit breaks, same goes with party system), the story in this game is amazing, we have chocobos, the level 5 and 30 zones are right next to each other lol :P, and the decisions are different, the only time I had fun in wow was my first year, but after that not really, and todays wow is just horrifying to play, and I hope that's not how this game will turn out, I could say much more but honestly you prob haven't read this far xD. So yea only 100 people is an estimate for defeating bahamut before 2.1 out of all the people playing lol I think that is hardcore which is what wow is missing :) (also forgot to mention graphics but that's obvious lol)
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@Vigerost, so you think this game take skill and WoW didnt need skill? You think anyone can raid at a success level with this game, WoW, or any other games? Come on man, you sound very biase dude. 

@OP, Thanks for the review and I definitely get this game once the server lag settle down a bit. 

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Yeah this is a cool game... I'm 38 and come from the Ultima DAOC mindset. There is a ton of people playing this game I mean alot....

It's not as confussing and Massive as Guildwars 2 but you have to pay for it not sure if I will get that far...I need to bind my hotkeys to my G500 mouse =)

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I am having so much fun with this game! This game rocks! By the way this is my first Final Fantasy game I have gotten to enjoy. When I was a kid and my brother and I had a Nintendo, (not a Wii, not a Super Nintendo, not a 64 or a Game Cube, the original) he had Final Fantasy III if I remember correctly. I was 4 or 5 and there was a scene that took place in a plane and I couldn't figure it out lol Ever since then I have never played a FF game despite being a huge RPG fan. Go figure right?
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What a fantastic review coming from someone coming from a similar place.

Just post this man's review in leiu of the lack of review on GS.