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Tribe ( is a very active gaming community; gaming is our passion and our primary pastime. We currently play in many games: Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, FFXIV, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3. We have had past chapters in games such as AION, Warhammer Online, TERA, EvE, Rift The Secret World, Hellgate: London and many more. We have recently opened our recruitment and are eagerly await your application. Community: Tribe is recruiting for an open and active FFXIV chapter. Our philosophy is simple: Gaming is our hobby and our love, so we bring together others to join us. Most of our members are working adults in our 20s-30s, but we have some outside that range. Many are married, and we have several couples that play together. We view our members as people, not as toons, and our recruitment focuses on the attitude and personality, not the gear and the meters. Most of us know each other on a first-name basis, we even have an annual get-together (TribeCon), also optional, and some of us have been to guildies weddings. Dedication: In Tribe, most of us are online nightly because we enjoy it so much, but we understand if you cant make it to every single event or be on daily. We expect you to have your life in order, but realize that emergencies happen. We do however expect you to represent Tribe while playing. We want you to be here because you want to be here. If you are thinking of applying but only plan exploit for self-gain, please move on. In Tribe you get out of it what you put into it. If you are sociable, jump on mumble with us, you will have a LOT of fun. If however you solo all content and rarely talk, you may feel somewhat in the rough. Goals: We aim to become a Unit, helping each other move forward at any possible chance. Getting a footing in the game is just the beginning. We plan to focus on end game and PvP as our community is ready for it. Info: Server: To be Determined Website: Ingame Contacts: N/A at this time Needs: Well consider any able player. There is no tenure or core spot in Tribe. There will not be competitive slots, this community is goal oriented and will work as a team. What We Offer: Tribe will provide a community in which you can enjoy the company and fellowship of other gamers, where everybody knows your name. ;-) We share feedback with those looking to learn (current spec, new class, new job, new game, software, etc) just about anything we know. Member Testimonials: Applying: Apply through the forum on or learn more at Contacts Feel free to add me to chat more about Tribe and your interest in it. Skype: Jpeterson09 Email/MSN: Steam: FrameSixtyFour Tribe Gaming Website Forum Profile: httpwww.tribegaming.commember.php3218-Despaire I will be online most days via the chat mediums above. Send me a message if you want to know more. Hope to hear from you soon!
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Are you going to be starting on a new server? Or one of the existing ones?

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We will likely begin on an existing server. Originally Tribe held residence on Selbina server but it was taken down and everyone was transferred. We will not be using the forced transfer server however.
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Still looking for new members, polls have shown we're likely to begin on a new server now, based around Central USA (Minnesota)

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Still looking for active members. A great community to experience what FFXIV has to offer and more.

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We are on the Midgard server and going quite strong. Join us today on and when you apply we will give you mumble information for the beta event this weekend. Come join and enjoy the company/events that follow!!! ~ David/Sharess
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Tribe is always seeking new players to join a social and active community.  With FFXIV open beta and release right around the corner, Tribe can offer an enjoyable atmosphere where you can experience FFXIV with helpful people. So check out Tribe, and find out what we are all about.