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Free Company Name: Silver Dragons (OSD)

Server Name: Diabolos

Primary Language: English

Website URL:

Time Zone: GMT-5-8 (EST-PST)

Free Company Description: We are Currently Looking for Mature Gamers with a Veteran MMO background. We have been consistent with our Progression Minded Raiding Statics. We have an active community that's been around since Beta, have our own forums, and use Teamspeak for Raiding and social. We are always looking for good chemistry in our raiding groups and in putting new groups together. We also host our own Social Events like FC Hide and Go Seek, Room Decorating Contests, Group Gathering and Screen Shot Contests, and Group Escort Quests with some (Light) Role Playing on TS. Prizes for Participation in these events are also given. If this interests you please feel free to talk with one of our officers in game or check out our website for more information. Thank you.