Server issues aside I honestly think this game is pretty ba

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Well I managed to get to only lvl 21 so my experience is from doing the quests and dungeons up to level 21.

At first I thought I might like this game. The graohics and audio is nice. The game has a standard mmo formua that works gameplay wise and the class & job system is quite intresting.

On to the bad stuff then (remember that this experience comes from reaching only lvl 20):

1. My biggest gripe is that the questing is horrible. The main quest story line might be good but is poorly presented (cut scenes & lip synch with little voice acting feels just bad and outdated). You travel across the map and speak with boring npcs 80% of the time, rest is some fighting/dungeons. 

The Marauder guild quests are just silly. Accept quest -> travel to speak to another npc -> travel some more -> hit a stone with your ability 1 -> report to the quest giver - > rinse and repeat with new quest and a bigger stone :S...

And the worst part  about those quests is that you ARE forced to do them so you can unlock basic content of an MMO like Skills (marauder lvl 15 q gives you tomahawk for example), Dungeons, primals and mounts (by doing the boring main quest).

2. Dont really see any class customization here. Every lancer is like another lancer. Sure you can unlock Dragoon job for lancer but that requires that you grind and lvl a new class. The same goes for cross class skills, you pretty much need to grind new classes to get "some" new skills. 

3. Combat is really boring in this game Not only because the global cooldowns are long & theres no real depth behind managing your resources (either you have TP to cast skills or are forced into auto attack to conserve/regen TP) but most mobs I have encountered in the open world all are passive and nonhostile until you attack them first. This leads to no sense of danger while exploring. 


Tl;dr: While this game gave me poor impression of the early game I would like to know if it gets better if I stick with it and decide to lvl some more. 

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Game isn't all that has it's moments all of the dumb details they added in the game make it look bad. I won't pay monthly for this game just isn't that good I'm level 9.

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You made another topic about this!?

I answered the last one.

Have fun troll.

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It's my favorite mmo out right now. Love every bit of it.