Question about Pugilists and Monks

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First question is how do you change forms? I keep seeing that certain skills are only performed in certain forms, but I can't seem to figure it out Also, is there a way to trigger dodge or evade because I noticed some of my skills require me to evade before I can use.

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There is no specific skill that will allow a guaranteed dodge. Increasing your dex and using featherfoot are probably the best ways to increase your evade chance.The rest is just reflexes. As for changing forms, certain skill abilities will let change you to specific forms. The usual cycle is, Opo-opo -> Raptor -> Coeul -> Opo-opo ->etc. Because of that, you will be combo-ing your skills as a monk. If you are not reaching a specific form, that is because you are using a skill that resets your form to Opo-opo form. I'd pay closer attention to the skill description and take some time to work out your combo.