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I don't know if thet already addressed the issue yet or not but I can't play the game because it says Final Fantasy can't launch without a promotion key which is 12 digits. So I punch mine in and it says error or not valid. Anyone know what's going on, I waited along time and by the sound of it,  people are playing and Im not.

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This sounds like something to take to S-E's technical support. Assuming you bought the game new and the registration code is unusued, you most likely registered the code incorrectly to another account. Your best bet is to contact technical support and have them fix the issue for you. It's not an uncommon problem. If you bought a used copy and the box was open when you got it, I'm sad to say but the code can only be registered once. Once registered, the code is not re-usable. I would attempt to contact the seller and get your money back. If you went through a service like Amazon, I would contact their customer support for a refund if the seller does not comply. Selling used mmos (where the code has already been used) is against their policy.