New FFXIV Community forming, looking for interested members

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So when I started Final Fantasy Horizon, I wanted to create the foundations for a new community of players that would share experiences in game and out of the game.

While we are not an LS or FC yet, I do envision these being made as common interests/ideas form. Anyone looking to be part of something new and exciting this is your ticket. And with free server transfers coming up, now is a good time post launch to form a new LS/FC.

Common Threads

The main goal of this community/LS/FC is to create a stronger image for the FFXIV community. There have been a rash of tales describing this as a pretty awful community, and we want players that can help untarnish that image. We want players to be able to enjoy their playing experience with other players, while helping out others when possible.

Whether your a casual or hardcore, 18 years old or 50 years old as long as you adhere to this principle we'd like to have you.

A few more details:

Casual Linkshells/Free Company

I'd like to get these formed if people are interested. The main goal is social, with help in dungeons/fates or other grouping experiences. The Server is yet to be determined or agreed upon.

Creating a community outside of the game, what we have to offer

Final Fantasy Horizon strives to be much more than a Linkshell or Free Company. Even if you are not looking for one, we encourage you to check us out.

Forums - Fully powered by Xenforo and all sorts of good features.

User Created Content - Create guides and share screenshots easily with other members.

User Blogs - Coming Soon! (would like to gauge interest)

Front Page New/Blogs

- We will bring you up to date news, dev responses, and offer blogs/columns for those who want to share their writing with the rest of the community.

A Gear Database -

Get all your gear information and stat comparison with a built in database. (more to come and some is in development, including recipes and items)

Final Words

I know I have some lofty goals here, and hopefully there are some like minded people who want to take part in something like this. Also, long time lurker here. Just realized I've never posted lol.

Final Fantasy Horizon Front Page

Discussion Thread about Forming new LS/FC