Need help. Major account issues.

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Been waiting for days for support to help me so finally I came here. This is my problem. I tried to log on with my ps4 but had forgotten my password. I have 3 that I use and when I tried the second it locked my account. The issue with that is I had not updated my email for the account and the one it used to use is no longer being used, and I can't get to it. So I went to my account on the mog station and reset my email to my new one.

Now, it's still locked, but wont send the email to my new one. Also, for some reason it says I need to register my service account again, but the codes in the box "i had ps3 and upgraded to ps4 for free" are not long enough to fit in the bars the give me to type in.

So my account is locked to log into the game, my account on mog station says I have no service account anymore, and support hasn't gotten back to me at all. Not even a confirmation email that they have my request.

Can anyone help me with this?