Navigating Square Enix HORRIBLE WEBSITE **PLEASE help!*

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I dont understand where I am supposed to get the client/game key after purchasing this game on the website. I did not recieve a confirmation email for the product or a thanks for buying email either.

Not only that, but I cannot navigate any of thier pages because there are 4 different websites through which to access this game or information about it

Square Enix account site (I can successfully log into this site)

The Loadstone (WTF IS THIS?)

NA.Final Fantasy 14 site (IS THIS JUST FOR PURCHASING?)

And Moogle central (OR something???)

Not only this but I cannot find a forum or anything reasonable to be found for this. 

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It is strange you did not get a letter or email. I remember S-E sending me an email with a link to my S-E account login for the download. You may check there first. I'd double-check the email address you used to register the account, and have them resend the email just to be certain. If that doesn't solve your problem, I would contact customer support about the problem or download the beta client through a torrent. BTW, about the websites, Lodestone is the community site. It has server updates, player blogs, and the forums NA FFXIV site was used for promotion purposes for the game. It now redirects you to the Lodestone, where you can find links to purchase. Mog Station is the site for you to make an account and register your game's code after you buy it. There is also a S-E account page which connects all your S-E game accounts and which you access to change password, email, and other account information.
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Thank you very much... I will investigate this further