Mature, Casual, Friendly FC Seeks New Members!

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Im here today as the Guildmaster of The Unbroken, a friendly, casual, and mature guild that was formed during the third beta phase. Were on the hunt for new recruits, and if youre looking for a home, wed love to be considered!

Were located on Diabolos, and we predominantly operate during Eastern peak hours on nights and weekends. We have a website, and a dedicated group of officers who are working to give our members a good experience to enhance their game through special events, organized dungeon play, and companionship to help take you from the beginning of the end of the game.

We welcome newcomers and veterans alike! Many of our players are very knowledgeable about both mechanics and lore, and weve got a proven track record of helping to ease people into this complicated game.

Furthermore, because were still a young guild, we welcome the input and collaboration of new membersand there is plenty of opportunity to help define who we are as we move forward!

And of course, were at rank 5, and always have a bonus runningusually a 5% combat EXP bonusand we plan to get a house as soon as the opportunity arises! We also have a Teamspeak 3, and its commonly used for our dungeons and socializing, though it is not required to be a member.


If youre interested in learning more details, please visit our website, where you can read all about us, me, and our plans for the future. Or, feel free to e-mail me at'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you in-game!