Managing your TP as a Marauder?

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Im quite new to the FF franchise and am wondering whats the efficient way to manage your TP when tanking in group enviroment? 

I understand that I cant really spam my abilities on cooldown, but is autoattacking the only form of TP generation? 

Im only lvl 20 so please inform me if there will be any skills unlocked further down the line that helps me with TP managment (cross class skills maybe). 

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I would suggest you take a look at Lancer. Their lvl 22 cross-class ability, invigorate, instantly restores 350TP with a 180sec CD. Bards can also restore TP with bardsong later on for parties. Otherwise, I'm not all that certain what else can be done to improve TP generation.
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Equippable Actions for Maurder/warrior

Lancer skills cant be used, Pretty much, you just have to wait for returns (generally keep some TP ready for add spawns), All can recommend is to not spam overpower.
Game really punishes heavy aoe spam, do when needed otherwise focus (and keep some for add spawns if needed) but yeah you can get pretty TP starved @ maurders just how it is (paladins not as bad in this regrad in singletarget, AoE is very costly tho) Thats my understanding anyways.

EDIT - my information on cant use lancer might not be true, aint tested but information is so diffrent in so many diffrent sources. says you can, some other sites also say, while others say just is "2 other classes" need to play more to find out.

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Sorry. To clarify, I assume you're playing the marauder class. This lets you use up to 10 cc abilities from any class. If you switch to the Warrior Job (party-centered, tanking specialization), you are restricted to cc abilities from marauder, gladiator, and pugilist only. At that point, I would suggest you follow countomally's advice and cycle through single targets with your single target enmity combo, with a periodic aoe when you can afford it or need it.