Keepers of the Darkside recruitment is open for FFXIV:ARR - MOOGLE SERVER

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 KDS is looking to open its doors to new recruits as we seek a fresh start in FFXIV on a non-legacy server. About KDS KDS was founded October 29th 2003 as a guild in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimera server, it is here we began our journey. During the last nine years KDS has undergone a major transformation. Through this transformation we have built an online community gaming platform on a well-defined set of values that all Keepers embrace. Today we are able to support a huge player base counting more than one thousand like minded active Keepers. This platform now places KDS in a unique position by allowing us to offer Keepers access to a gaming experience using our unique military oriented guild structure. Additionally, decisions in KDS are never taken using democratic methods of majority voting. Our goals We are advertising ourselves as a Semi-Hardcore guild and will be competing in PVE and PVP content. Ideally we are looking for mature players who are able to attend events 2-3 times a week. This said, we always welcome casual and social players so don't feel disheartened if you can't make these commitments. These events will be based in evening at GMT +1 times. What KDS can offer you
  • Proven and tested guild structure
  • Social and friendly environment
  • Weekly in-game events
  • Option to join other KDS game chapters
  • Mature attitude
  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Ability to take orders
  • Contribute to KDS achieving its goals
  • TeamSpeak installed and have a working microphone
  • Have fun!
KDS is not for everyone, I highly recommend you read the Code of Conduct before making an application. This can be found on our website. Website: