free trial, psn sale & recruit codes pls advice :

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Hello guys, i am new to this game on ps3 but i have played several mmorpgs, i wanted to ask something to you all:

In december 25 i "orderer", downloaded and installed the free 14 days trial, and have not used it yet, i plan to start tomorrow. Since the info of the trial says you are going to need to buy the full game once it is over, i got it yesterday from the psn anniversary sale (because it was on sale for 14usd) and have not downloaded it (or re-downloaded it, or reinstalled it, the full game just appears on my psn store):

-that means i have the trial version installed and the full game on the downloads lists:

my question is: how should i proceed? whats going to happen?

Should i just open the trial, create a trial account, use it for 14 days, and when it is over, delete and just install the full game (reinstall)? that will work? i just dont want to lose the trial option and also get any complimentary days that the full can give me.

Since i have never even opened the game, please advice me how to proceed, thanks!

(also, i was screening the whole board and saw the "recruit a friend" thing where we both can earn stuff : if u want to send me your recruit code, i will use it! thanks)