Crystal Keepers Recruiting on Excalibur Server

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#1 livicolexd
Member since 2013 • 25 Posts A Realm Reborn/Crystal Keepers is a Linkshell/Free Company on FFXIV ARR's Excalibur server. We are looking for friendly, helpful, open-minded and easy-going players to join us! Though we are NOT a hard-core/elitist group, we will be running a minimum of 3 events per week for any members who can join to help our members get content done and have fun doing so :) If you are interested in joining us in FFXIV ARR, please send an in-game message to any of our leaders: Vemoes Sigdhart, Livicole Itsumo, Potchi Parcheep, Rane Farstrider or Falafel Zee. Once you have done so, please register on our website ( to gain access to our forums, chat and events. Registration there is mandatory for any members who join us in-game, as it will be our main tool to organize weekly events and share updates. We only have a couple of rules: We joke around a lot, but please make sure to try not to offend anyone with any form of prejudice comments. We are all very good friends and hope to keep it that way! As mentioned, while we do run events and content, we are not a hard core group; we won't demand you to play for a certain amount of hours each week or contribute a certain amount to the group, so please bear this in mind and help keep our atmosphere fun and relaxing. We are here to help one another grow and learn throughout the game, so we expect everyone to be willing to do the same for others. We have a youtube account (currently being worked on) where you can view some videos of our group playing in 1.0! Check out We hope to play with you soon! Crystal Keepers