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We are a Free Company & Linkshell based on the Gilgamesh server. We are building a community for players who wish to have a place to call home & always have a helping hand available. Both casual & hardcore players are welcome so tell your friends & family. Thank you!
Who is Critical?
  - Critical was founded back in Final Fantasy XI. We were a devoted endgame Linkshell on the Odin server. A few years passed and we migrated to other MMO's including: World of Warcraft, Aion & The Old Republic. Eventually, there was a drought in the MMO market so we moved on to FPS games and continued promoting the Critical name. Three original founding members are now planning to resurrect Critical to its former glory in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

Our Goals:
  - Establish a community for players on the Gilgamesh server.
  - Help with the leveling process (F.A.T.E.'s, dungeons, etc.).
  - At level 50, transition into endgame content.

You Should Consider Joining If...
  - You have the drive to be better. 
  - You want a place to hang out, chat and enjoy the game with a group of friends.
  - You want to learn the game around helpful people.
  - You enjoy helping other players.
  - You want a DRAMA FREE environment.
  - You want to gear up with competent players.
  - You want to be in a progression endgame Free Company.

Thank you for your time.

Our site:

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We have opened recruitment in anticipation of patch 2.1, we are currently recruiting for all aspects of gameplay- casual, raider, crafter/gatherer. For potential raiders: We are looking to create 2-3 new raid teams! If you are a friendly, highly skilled player who's enthusiastic about new encounters and progression and are seeking like minded people to raid with drop off an application today and one of our officers will be in touch with you! :)