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hi all me and a friend is starting up a guild and are looking for new members from all systems.
the guild is for games and anime/fan-fiction we will be playing MMO's to and we mainly focus on co-op.
and we don't believe in this whole "console war" so please if you do join try not to bring that with you we're all gamers

now a little info on us

Focus: PvE
Recruitment: Open to all!
server:Exodus or Diablos

We have big dreams...... We have tried 2 prior projects and both have failed due to
internal corruption (ask us about it lol). However we have restructured and are determined to make this work.
We dialed back and now we are planning on starting of with streams, podcasts and youtube videos
and when the community gets big enough we are going to spread to all types of activities like contests and tournaments (etc.)
Our ultimate end goal is to make side scroller beat em up starring members of our actual guild, with a storyline
that our guild actually helps create.
Now a little information about us. We are 2 laid back dudes who play a lot of different games from 1st person shooters, to MMO's to Single player
games, we pretty much play it all accept sports. We have an open sense of humor we aren't as uptight most people so feel free to
crack some jokes.
As far as systems go we have them all so playing on different systems isn't an issue. We are kinda big anime fans and love
to have discussions about anime in general. We have a thing about talking and making fun of terrible movies.....
Sharknado..... Enough said.

if you're interested please come check us out