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Since i don't own the game till Friday or Saturday due to funds. I decided i'd possibly look into making my own group when the time is right. If things go right it will be me and my Fiance running the Free company/Linkshell. Im just seeing how much support or members i can get till that day. And make a few friends along the way. All i'm asking is what is one of the best servers to play on in NA? It would be Central time for most suggested events but could change with time. Idea: Free Company/Linkshell The Returners (if not taken by the time I get to it) Im a Hardcore player I will be playing for PVE but will probably do a little of everything just to do it all. Im looking to be a Casual family. Were out to do what the returners do best. Take on the Empires of the world and do a little Adventuring along with it. So follow me on here and message me and i will get back to do. 5 days till The Returners(or earlier)
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So my idea didn't go as planned as i have done some research. Plus due to unstable servers being unstable anyones interest in joining which i see none as of right now sadly. It will be as i have choosen to make a free company as soon as i purchase the game in a few weeks so this week I am going to be coming up with a name that fits the FF core names plus