If you will only play the game with open mind and accept the changes square has to offer then its good to go.. :)

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
Good game, not any ordinary FF series but i love changes and square enix is doing a great job on this changes.. i hope the next Final fantasy, you will have a chance to roam on a large area not only on a certain place. And also more user friendly like for example, you can explore towns and talk to different people something like. w/ regards to the battle system its good because square made the game less boring although i love turn-based battle system. And also when i play the game i can see that it lacks in terms of side quests although you have some but for me, i am looking for some more.. like fighting against the titan once you completed all the cieth stones. That's one of the reason i stop completing all the mission bec in the end you don't have the chance to fight the might titan which gives flavor on the game.. hope square can enhance the improve the balance on the next FF. improve battle system, lively interaction to different people, more chance to explore areas and towns, more side quests and secret boss and it will be one of the high ranked RPG on that year.. :-)