A great adition and a Amazing game by itself

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XIII X360
One of the best Final Fantasy games, a great adition to the final fantasy series , a bit of melodrama ( which i found wonderful) , a great story / argument , compelling protagonist and some nice characters(like hope,snow and serah) , it is beautiful to behold , gameplay can be a bit hard for some with the paradigm shift but i'ts accessible (including me) .
The first Next-gen Final Fantasy Game is out for 360 and ps3 , and lets hope that Square Enix keep making games like this , and not ruin the franchise l, and to finalize i just want to say one thing , don´t limit yourself to play final fantasy , live it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the SPOILER SECTION so if you haven´t played Final Fantasy XIII yet don´t read it :
The best of this game is: Serah and Snow conection (even though kinda cheesy sometimes but, the firework scene is simply beautiful , Lightning and hope connection , Vanille and Fang connection
The worst is : Almost all bad guys aren´t that great ( Except Cid and Jill)