One of my favorites in the Final Fantasy series!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
First off, to all of those out there who are bashing the game because it is linear, shutup. Haha. every RPG now days has the same old open world stuff. I like the fact they decided to make it more linear bc you focus on your main story line instead of wandering trying to figure out what to do and by the time you do you forget why you're doing it in the first place. The characters are amazing, i instantly fell in love with the cast. The voice acting is really great. Ya the little girl can get annoying from time to time but hey, if you watch any anime you should be used to it by now. The battle system is the best of the FF series. And the graphics are absolutely beautiful. I find myself just moving the camera back and forth just to look and the detail. Bottom line.... this game is awesome. I cant put it down. Well... until i had to go to work haha. I highly recommend buying it. I would get the ps3 version if you have the option. I hear the 360 version doesn't handle the cut scenes as well, something to do about the contrast ratio or whatever.