Good not great

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
This game has outstanding visual quality but seriously lacks in overall difficulty, the exploration is totally linear, but has a good story which keeps you wanting more. The game is definately worth your money, but the simplicity may leave you bored at times and may even put you to sleep. The story is very tough to follow at first but final fantasy has a log that you can reread just in case of any confusion. During many of the battle sequences you find yourself just repeating the same attacks over and over. Another thing lacking from the battle system is that you are not controlling your entire party but just your singular leader. In past final fantasys you could have any of your characters be KO'd as long as there was others in your party able to still fight, well this is not the case in FF13, if the leader of your group is KO'd in battle, it's game over, no phoenix downs, no reviving. But if you are killed your game starts back up right before you go into that particular fight.